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P.E.I. exporting potato expertise to Canada’s North | CBC News


Apr 15, 2021

Some Northern communities want to turn out to be extra self-sufficient in meals manufacturing, and a staff of researchers from throughout the nation, together with P.E.I., helps out.

Rick Peters, a pathologist with Agriculture and Agrifood Canada in Charlottetown, is a part of a staff how potatoes is perhaps grown within the North. Growing within the North presents quite a lot of challenges, he stated.

“Shorter growing seasons, much harsher growing conditions, the soils aren’t necessarily that amenable to production of agricultural crops,” stated Peters.

Northern soils are typically rocky. That could cause issues at harvest time, as a result of potatoes can get cuts and nicks from the stones, and that gives an entry for illness that may result in rotting in storage.

Northern soils are typically rocky, an issue come harvest time. (Rick Peters/Agriculture and Agrifood Canada)

The P.E.I. staff is varieties with thicker skins which may be extra immune to this drawback.

They even have ideas about rushing up potato development to get a bounce on shorter seasons.

“We’re looking at different biodegradable mulches that we can put over the soil after planting and that will warm the soil more quickly and allow the potatoes to emerge more quickly,” stated Peters.

And rising potatoes within the North might not be an infinite sequence of dangerous information, he stated.

What seems like plastic stretched round these two rows of potatoes is a biodegradable mulch. It initially coated the rows, warming the soil to offer the vegetation a fast begin, however has now largely decomposed. (Linda Jewell/Agriculture and Agrifood Canada)

“There might be some pests and diseases that are absent in some of these locations that we do deal with in our southern areas,” stated Peters.

“That can be an advantage for growing in some of these other northern locations. So we really don’t have a lot of information about what is there.”

The means to develop contemporary produce could possibly be an enormous change for Northern communities, stated Peters.

Shipping greens North could be very costly, a price that’s largely borne by the buyer, and infrequently when that produce arrives it’s not in the absolute best situation after its lengthy journey.

Locally-grown produce can be a welcome addition to Northern diets, stated Peters.

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